A Life of Music

I respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners past, present and emerging of this land. 

A keen observer of life, George uses both his personal experiences and old timer’s recollections to weave these sentiments into poignant songs.

His concerts and live performances spots are filled with the stories and tales that bring the songs to life.

George’s music crosses genres of country, folk, easy listening and ambient and he has been described as an ‘Australiana Balladeer’ a ‘Singing Poet’ and an ‘Atmospheric Fingerstyle Guitarist’.

He has released six albums and two EP’s to date with the first in 1983 and the latest in December 2023. All music is available on most streaming services. 


Here you will find the music of singer/songwriter George Royter and information on Handmade Royter Guitars - Banjos and Amplifiers.

All music singles and albums are available on all streaming formats. 

George Royter's Australia - outback videos are on YouTube.

Royter Electricoustic Guitar 

WHAT'S NEW .....

Fretless Appalachian Mountain Banjo. 

These were made around the mid 1800’s and played in the ‘Old Time Clawhammer style’. I’ve tried to keep as close to the original plans as possible. Goat skin head, friction tuning pegs, metal tension ring, nylgut strings, wooden bridge, nut and tail piece. 

I will be making more of this type of Banjo in the future.

New Royter Design Fretless Mountain Banjo.  This prototype is named 'The Celtic'.

Based on the original Fretless Mountain Banjo, but with some new features.

Larger goat skin head, outer and inner rim. 

Adjustable and removeable neck without dissembling the drum.

Wider and thicker neck for better playing comfort.

The tension rim is wood fitted with an aluminium tone ring. The inner rim is scalloped to allow the sound to transfer to the outer chamber for better resonance.

More to come.

My take on a Minstrel style banjo of the 1850's. 

Large pot gives a much deeper tone.

Antique finish to give an aged appearance. 

Fun to play.

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